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February 9- Concert:: Windsor Diets, Road Soda

February 12- Concert:: The Festival Show, 4 bands-4 genres

February 14- Concert:: Celeste Nelson, Alyx Rush, Mike Deroo, Wayne Lyter

February 16- Comedy-Tomfoolery on Tremont 47:: Jim Flannigan

February 28- Comedy-Tomfoolery on Tremont 48:: Bryan Miller

February 29- Concert:: Open House- House Music With Prestige Productions

March 1- Comedy-Tomfoolery on Tremont 49:: Zach Martina

March 13- Concert:: Bass Bangers EDM with Power Moves Music Productions

March 18- Concert:: The Festival Show, 4 bands- 4 genres

March 22- Comedy- Tomfoolery on Tremont 50:: Matty Ryan

April 11- Comedy- Tomfoolery on Tremont 51:: Sam Tallent