About The Renwick Mansion

The home was built by William Renwick, who took over a lumber/sawmill business founded by his father, James, an immigrant from England.  The mansion is Davenport’s finest example of Italian Revival Villa architecture. The home features a large Fourth-story tower that overlooks Davenport and the Mississippi River, amazing wooden trim and 12-14 foot doors, 8 bedrooms available for rent, 8 fireplaces, a 3 story staircase, a limestone exterior and it sits on 4 acres in the heart of Davenport. In 1907, the mansion became part of St. Katharine’s School, and in 1973 was sold and became part of a nursing home complex. Although it was listed on the National Register of historic places in 1983, the home fell into disrepair. The ailing complex was purchased by a historic property developer in 1997, who renovated the St. Katherine’s location and the Renwick House. In 2007, the Renwick was updated with geothermal and opened to the public as a wedding reception venue and bed and breakfast.  After closing in 2016 the Renwick House was opened once again in 2017 as a premier location for weddings, receptions, reunions, parties and meetings.